Thursday, 28 November 2013

Double unders

Friday, 11 October 2013


You, me, the built environment, the natural environment. Entwined.

If you took this photo, please let me know so I can acknowledge you.

Go and be 'with yourself' in the natural environment. Walk in it. Lie in it. Breathe it in.

What do you notice? Share below.

Friday, 27 September 2013


Learn less and work more says Clive Berghofer.


I mean really?

It's not that we need to learn less. We need to creatively critique life options.

I like to think I work hard.

Sometimes I get dirty.

Sometimes I get exhausted and stay clean. 

It's all part of being a sustainable team for evolution.

Mr B developed skills and talents and he earned a lot of money.

I admire that a lot.

But it's not better than or less than.

We need all types of people and jobs.

We need to creatively critique job options.

Ken Robinson tells us how schools kill creativity in this TED talk.

This is the issue... schools, not learning!

Our education system needs a revolution.


That's how we'll achieve success on our own terms and and toe curling satisfaction.

And how much is enough money to satisfy us anyway?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How to get flat abs, have amazing sex and rule the world in 8 easy steps - Kate Bartolotta

My blog-sister, blood-sister, and Sisterhood-sister sent me this link from the Huffington Post this morning. 

I don't what she's trying to tell me, actually!

You can also follow this link for how to get flat abs, have amazing sex and rule the world in 8 easy steps. It's Kate Bartolotta's tip for happiness!

Dropbox, Photos, & iOS7 - how to...

Doing group things is fine, until something gets lost or it's tax time.
Well, especially if it's tax time.
Setting up a shared folder on Dropbox (I can show you how to do that, too [coming soon]) is a brill idea.
Apps will even open docs in Dropbox for you.
Not so for photos.
Yep. You can set Dropbox to upload ALL your photos, but what if you don't want that.
Here's how to only upload what you want and where you want it.
From within the Dropbox app, touch the folder you want to upload info into.

Touch the three dots in a horizontal row, to the right of the folder name.

Touch the + upload option.

Your photo albums will now be displayed.

Touch through the albums until you get to the photo you want to upload to Dropbox.

All photos will have a greyed tick. When you touch the photo it will change to a white tick in a blue square.

When you've selected all photos required, touch upload in the upper right corner.


THE EVERNOTE VERSION IN NUMBERED FORMAT NO LESS! - used for real between my elder son and first sister so we can manage our rental property. Good times, good times.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Success? Failure? Winston?

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

 What do you think?

Leave a comment below.

Monday, 16 September 2013


I love Pinterest. It's mostly visual images. 

You don't have to go any further. Short and satisfyingly sweet or click away to delve deeper in some cases.

I have knitting, building/creating things, and cross fit type of pics.

PJs are good but...

Have you ever wondered what the hell you're doing in your job or life?

Have you ever got lost for a couple of years?

Got a nagging feeling your work or life could be more fulfilling?

Maybe you just feel pulled in different directions.

Do you want to change but you don’t want to get out of your pyjamas?


You won't be able to resist just blurting out your story and hearing your solutions!

I'm a health maven.

I'm an expert on wellbeing, vitality & energy.

I live it.

If you're working with me, you can expect a few signature dance moves...

like feeling alive and sexy again, and

knowing how to get back on the horse.

And maybe the occasional invincible moment.

And while I can't place a guarantee on anyone's destiny, I can undeniably promise empowerment and hope to everyone who commits to working with me.

That's my public declaration and I'm sticking to it.

12 x 60 minute modules
3 per month
4 consecutive months
$125 per 1:1 velocity module
upfront monthly payment of $400

Food & Health Workshops 2014

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Coming to Brighton*, Queensland, Australia in 2014. You're going to get your heart tugged to health. Pick a word from the HEART (there's a link here too!).

Maybe you'll unfurl.
Maybe you'll recover or discover.
Whatever your dream, start dancing towards it.
The benefits are yours for the choosing.

It's magic juice I tell ya!

The benefits I choose for you:
  1. Easy Pickings food selector to get good nutrition every meal EASILY! Amaaazingly easy! Your body gobbles your fat doing it this way, BTW.
  2. A published Wellness Index book that outlines your own self-nominated requirements, within evidence-based parameters, for good health. Forever yours.
  3. The company of wondrous human beings who want to be closer to their optimum. They can be forever yours as you agree. The sum of the benefits of the group energy are greater than each of us individually.
  4. A cosy, comfy, relaxed, studio environment to access your best.
  5. My lived experience of wellbeing and my formal qualifications.
  6. You also have the opportunity to take up further coaching with me to really get to learn to look after yourself food wise and health wise... and sustain your drive.
When in 2014:
Saturday, 9am to 3pm
February 22
May 17
Aug 2
Oct 18
Yep. Just $125 and you're in.

Call: +61 4 2299 8946
0422 998 946 in Australia.


*Sandgate is Brighton's big sister. The view that can be seen on the still shot beginning the Sandgate tour movie clip is towards Brighton. Bramble Bay  is the oh-so-cute name that covers both Brighton and Sandgate.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


I love cutting and colouring my hair.

Just another way to be creative.

Start with your fringe.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sea Change

A friend of a friend of a friend of mine, always puts the IF condition on her happiness statement.

e.g. I'd be sooooooooo happy IF I had a house by the sea ... the surf ... not just the bay.

Have you ever caught yourself doing that? I bet you're not happy after saying it!

Notice what happens when you turn it around.

e.g. It'd be really amazing if I could have a house by the surf. Fortunately, it is not required for happiness.

I don't know about you, but after I say that turnaround pair of sentences, I get a thought with a smile that goes something like this... 'O yeah, that's right, now what was I going to do?' I'm happy and I move on to DO something. Now that's gotta be good.

Your turn. Fill in the gap with your IF condition for happiness, then go DO something. And leave a comment below with your thoughts about it all.

“It’d be really amazing if I could __________________.

Fortunately, it is not required for happiness.”

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tour de France cancelled

I'm raising my cycling game. I'm returning to the commuting world.

Today was to be the first day of cycling to my new work site. I had my flash new recycled bike and bits ready to go.

BUT I ALLOWED MYSELF TO BE PUT OFF BY FRIENDS COLLEAGUES PEOPLE who acted shocked surprised doubtful that I would could do it!!!!

So I was flexible. I thought I would drive some of the way with the bike in the back of the car and then ride the rest of the way.

But NO. I couldn't get it in the car easily. Slight stamping of feet happening at this stage until I gave in and took the dog for a walk and put off the cycle commuting re-entry.

I thought I had sorted it out in my head and was comfortable cycling next week until I noticed I was mumbling f^@> and shaking my head and not noticing the sunrise over the low tide revealed sandbanks while walking said dog!!! 

Why did I do that? Why did I let myself be persuaded to think I shouldn't have a go at this? By now I'm really getting pissed off at self!

Geez, it's not the freakin Tour de France.

I wasn't even going to wear lycra pants.

So... thanks to someone/something that helped me to notice that I do that to myself - stop myself from doing something that I want to do because other people think that I can't do it.

Thanks also to me noticing my angry/frustrated behaviour and acting on it in a proactive way without harming others (not even slightly like with a dark scowly sort of look). 

Has that ever happened to you? What did you do? What do you now do so that you can keep doing what you want to do?

I'm grateful that I noticed it and I'll be better prepared next week!

Please leave a comment. Thank you. xo

Thursday, 25 April 2013


I just decided to not be a chocoholic anymore.

Just like that.

How brilliant is that?!!

I really can do it.

I did it.

I'm not a chocoholic anymore.

I think the trigger was when a colleague described me to a new staff member. Now I like to think of myself as many things, but I didn't get off on the fact that chocoholic was the first thing that came to her mind!

Within hours of this decision, I saw an ad for Michelle Bridges' book, Losing the Last 5 Kilos: your kick-arse guide to looking and feeling fantastic. I bought it.

Page 35 got the sticky note bookmark. She compares motivation and consistency. Motivation is about feeling, but consistency is about doing.

She has a special term to remind her of the steady, relentless action to see a journey to its end - the action of being consistent.

She talks about JFDI!. Just _ Do It! The exclamation mark is mine!

So what will you JFD this day? What's been getting up your nose about yourself for too long? Put a JFDI! sticky note on your computer for a giggle and JFDI!


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Renovator's Delight

I love my little house by the sea... well, walking distance to the sea. A renovator's delight.

I'm at the point where I'm wondering where I should stop.

I'll have to keep working the rest of my life to pay it off if I keep going with the 'finishing touches'!

I thought about that. I thought that would be the worst thing that could happen (not counting deaths of loved ones). No free time to do whatever you're supposed to do after you stop working.

And then I thought, nope, worse than that would be to not have your health to be able to keep working.

Get to the bottom of what's meaningful to you right now.

What's the worst thing that could happen to you?

... and then, what would be worse than that?

... and then, make a small change to appreciate what's most meaningful to you.

I discovered my health is most meaningful to me. With my physical, mental and spiritual health in top form, I can access all that I love.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Leffe Blond psychology

You just have to read this.

I wrote a piece for a psychology unit I did once upon a time. I wrote how lucky I was. I'd had the usual abuse, but I really felt lucky and felt uncomfortable about it. I felt I possibly should be suffering and resentful. I didn't. I don't. 

I love that. Alexandra Franzen's article really sums that up. We don't have to suffer or go through adverse situations to have valid wisdom that helps others. Yay.

My life can be as easy as a Leffe Blond goes down at the end of a day.

So can yours, whether you like Leffe Blonde or not!

It's all a story, so we might as well make it a good one.

Take a moment right now and write your future story, the good one, the ideal one.

What would you be doing? Who would be there? What would you smell, see, taste? How would you be earning your living? What would you be contributing to the world or your community?

Post that up on your mirror or the toilet wall or somewhere that you'll see it every day.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Black Hole v Tom Jones

If you were in a black hole and Tom Jones walked by, could you summon up a smile, or even just an ironic grin?

Could you put on your best you attitude?

O yes you could.


OK. So Tom Jones doesn't float your boat! Fill in your own person that you would want to meet or have in your world... Julia Gillard... Gran... 

Let that person keep you honest.

Let that person keep you true to who you know you can be.

Let that person allow you to be who you know you can be with everyone currently in your world. If Tom Jones were here, would I want him to see me acting like this?

Don't let that Black Hole thing take over.

When you are bright and a beauty, that's the real thing, not a face.

Leave a comment. Who is that person who could have influenced you to act decisively and gracefully if they had been present, instead of acting in a way you are not happy with? Put their on your phone's home screen! See what happens.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. Before you were here an hour, I would give my life for you. This is the miracle of love.
Maureen Hawkins

This poem infiltrates my thinking and stokes my fires to do what I say I want to do.

It invites me to live the story I want my kids to tell after I've exited the stage left (deadibones).

It provokes me to tell the already lived stories they wouldn't know about me, and helps clarify assumptions they may hold about me after the family's separation and divorce.

What's the story you want told after you're deadibones? (Start acting it out right now)

Who do you want to tell it? (Tell them now)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Orgasmic! Yes... orgasmic

Fresh banana sliced into about 5 bite sizes pieces.

Mayvers organic tahini dolloped onto each banana bit.

Pure Harvest organic honey drizzled all over the lot.

Eat straight away and eat quickly. Maybe that's not exactly PC but go with your flow. It worked for me!

O yeah. Delicious.

I have just finished a session of cross fit at Absolutely Flabless Gym. Maybe that's got something to do with how delicious the food was.

Bring it on.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ipswich 100 50 km ride - YES I CAN!

The ride is on Sunday April 14th, 2013. A nice close to Queensland schools' mid semester break.

Who's joining me?

PS. It was my 73 year old dad who asked me if I was going to join him on the ride actually. You just can't tell where inspiration is going to come from can you?

Listen in this week for some synchronicity. 

What challenge is going to present itself to you? (Do it!)

Where is it going to come from? ((Thank them!)

Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRide

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Body Haven

Racheal has magic hands and cups. Thank you.

I really do know how to look after myself to be and do my best. I can't separate the physical from the mental and spiritual value in a massage. I'll be back on Saturday.

Body Haven is one of those little massage places that you can't guarantee to get a booking straight away. I'm posting this on the go and I don't yet know how to make the web link active but is where to go for more info.

That's a Nando's vegie burger in the background. It's better than hot chips right?

What's your weakness in the take-out food area?

What's your fall back semi-healthy eat-out food? 

Keep that in mind when making food choices when you're out!!

Leave a comment about your food choices. I wonder what variety there'll be...

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Blisss Yoga & a heavy belly & change

Cathy comes to the work venue. Now that's a treat.

Blisss is the number plate on her car.

Yoga is yoga is yoga. Beautiful.

When it's time for the meditative rest at the end, we are asked to notice any heaviness anywhere in our bodies. 

My belly was the heavy spot! I've never noticed that before. 

Yoga was the change I needed to make so I could get back on track with the food side of my wellness. Interesting.

One small change leads to big change.

What small change could you make to get back on the wellness bike? Do it now. Act. Shine on.


NB: I really have no idea what namaste means, but it rolls of the tongue so sweetly, it's gotta be good.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Be your cake, and eat it all up, and love it!

It's OK to have a procein dyed, spiral patterned, oversized sloppy joe in your wardrobe that sits alongside your Basque petites business blazer.

I am a business blazer and a spiral sloppy joe and I love it!

I am ready to jump on the elephant should the need arise. I am fit, healthy and vibrant AND I'm in the grand generation.

I want you to feel like this, too.


PS: Get onto and create a picture of words - words for your bucket list; words for describing yourself (see Pesto Manifesto  tag and blog article for ideas on how to get words that describe you!)...

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Dirty Little Secret

Marie Forleo's B-School sounds the organised, interactive program to educate myself with.

The Wellness Champion & Resilience Provocateur is one to watch.

Who do you watch? 

What is it about them that inspires or motivates you? 

Could it be the very same passion in you that's just waiting to be tapped?

Leave a comment and go tap it! Act! Be Brilliant!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pesto Manifesto

Zingy fresh renewal today.
Feels good not surprisingly.

I did spend some money today, but that's not related to the renewal.

It's this blog.
I cannot hide.
I am funky.
I am educated.
I am both.

They actually aren't at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Who are you?

If it's too hard to decide, set up a casual survey on and email your besties this question... 'What are three words that describe who I am? That is, my best qualities!'