Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tour de France cancelled

I'm raising my cycling game. I'm returning to the commuting world.

Today was to be the first day of cycling to my new work site. I had my flash new recycled bike and bits ready to go.

BUT I ALLOWED MYSELF TO BE PUT OFF BY FRIENDS COLLEAGUES PEOPLE who acted shocked surprised doubtful that I would could do it!!!!

So I was flexible. I thought I would drive some of the way with the bike in the back of the car and then ride the rest of the way.

But NO. I couldn't get it in the car easily. Slight stamping of feet happening at this stage until I gave in and took the dog for a walk and put off the cycle commuting re-entry.

I thought I had sorted it out in my head and was comfortable cycling next week until I noticed I was mumbling f^@> and shaking my head and not noticing the sunrise over the low tide revealed sandbanks while walking said dog!!! 

Why did I do that? Why did I let myself be persuaded to think I shouldn't have a go at this? By now I'm really getting pissed off at self!

Geez, it's not the freakin Tour de France.

I wasn't even going to wear lycra pants.

So... thanks to someone/something that helped me to notice that I do that to myself - stop myself from doing something that I want to do because other people think that I can't do it.

Thanks also to me noticing my angry/frustrated behaviour and acting on it in a proactive way without harming others (not even slightly like with a dark scowly sort of look). 

Has that ever happened to you? What did you do? What do you now do so that you can keep doing what you want to do?

I'm grateful that I noticed it and I'll be better prepared next week!

Please leave a comment. Thank you. xo

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