Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Blisss Yoga & a heavy belly & change

Cathy comes to the work venue. Now that's a treat.

Blisss is the number plate on her car.

Yoga is yoga is yoga. Beautiful.

When it's time for the meditative rest at the end, we are asked to notice any heaviness anywhere in our bodies. 

My belly was the heavy spot! I've never noticed that before. 

Yoga was the change I needed to make so I could get back on track with the food side of my wellness. Interesting.

One small change leads to big change.

What small change could you make to get back on the wellness bike? Do it now. Act. Shine on.


NB: I really have no idea what namaste means, but it rolls of the tongue so sweetly, it's gotta be good.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Be your cake, and eat it all up, and love it!

It's OK to have a procein dyed, spiral patterned, oversized sloppy joe in your wardrobe that sits alongside your Basque petites business blazer.

I am a business blazer and a spiral sloppy joe and I love it!

I am ready to jump on the elephant should the need arise. I am fit, healthy and vibrant AND I'm in the grand generation.

I want you to feel like this, too.


PS: Get onto and create a picture of words - words for your bucket list; words for describing yourself (see Pesto Manifesto  tag and blog article for ideas on how to get words that describe you!)...

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Dirty Little Secret

Marie Forleo's B-School sounds the organised, interactive program to educate myself with.

The Wellness Champion & Resilience Provocateur is one to watch.

Who do you watch? 

What is it about them that inspires or motivates you? 

Could it be the very same passion in you that's just waiting to be tapped?

Leave a comment and go tap it! Act! Be Brilliant!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pesto Manifesto

Zingy fresh renewal today.
Feels good not surprisingly.

I did spend some money today, but that's not related to the renewal.

It's this blog.
I cannot hide.
I am funky.
I am educated.
I am both.

They actually aren't at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Who are you?

If it's too hard to decide, set up a casual survey on and email your besties this question... 'What are three words that describe who I am? That is, my best qualities!'