Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Body Haven

Racheal has magic hands and cups. Thank you.

I really do know how to look after myself to be and do my best. I can't separate the physical from the mental and spiritual value in a massage. I'll be back on Saturday.

Body Haven is one of those little massage places that you can't guarantee to get a booking straight away. I'm posting this on the go and I don't yet know how to make the web link active but is where to go for more info.

That's a Nando's vegie burger in the background. It's better than hot chips right?

What's your weakness in the take-out food area?

What's your fall back semi-healthy eat-out food? 

Keep that in mind when making food choices when you're out!!

Leave a comment about your food choices. I wonder what variety there'll be...

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