Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Black Hole v Tom Jones

If you were in a black hole and Tom Jones walked by, could you summon up a smile, or even just an ironic grin?

Could you put on your best you attitude?

O yes you could.


OK. So Tom Jones doesn't float your boat! Fill in your own person that you would want to meet or have in your world... Julia Gillard... Gran... 

Let that person keep you honest.

Let that person keep you true to who you know you can be.

Let that person allow you to be who you know you can be with everyone currently in your world. If Tom Jones were here, would I want him to see me acting like this?

Don't let that Black Hole thing take over.

When you are bright and a beauty, that's the real thing, not a face.

Leave a comment. Who is that person who could have influenced you to act decisively and gracefully if they had been present, instead of acting in a way you are not happy with? Put their on your phone's home screen! See what happens.

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