Monday, 16 September 2013

Food & Health Workshops 2014

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Coming to Brighton*, Queensland, Australia in 2014. You're going to get your heart tugged to health. Pick a word from the HEART (there's a link here too!).

Maybe you'll unfurl.
Maybe you'll recover or discover.
Whatever your dream, start dancing towards it.
The benefits are yours for the choosing.

It's magic juice I tell ya!

The benefits I choose for you:
  1. Easy Pickings food selector to get good nutrition every meal EASILY! Amaaazingly easy! Your body gobbles your fat doing it this way, BTW.
  2. A published Wellness Index book that outlines your own self-nominated requirements, within evidence-based parameters, for good health. Forever yours.
  3. The company of wondrous human beings who want to be closer to their optimum. They can be forever yours as you agree. The sum of the benefits of the group energy are greater than each of us individually.
  4. A cosy, comfy, relaxed, studio environment to access your best.
  5. My lived experience of wellbeing and my formal qualifications.
  6. You also have the opportunity to take up further coaching with me to really get to learn to look after yourself food wise and health wise... and sustain your drive.
When in 2014:
Saturday, 9am to 3pm
February 22
May 17
Aug 2
Oct 18
Yep. Just $125 and you're in.

Call: +61 4 2299 8946
0422 998 946 in Australia.


*Sandgate is Brighton's big sister. The view that can be seen on the still shot beginning the Sandgate tour movie clip is towards Brighton. Bramble Bay  is the oh-so-cute name that covers both Brighton and Sandgate.

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